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History Industry veterans with a common business belief founded Lexington Investment Company, Inc. in 1990. Their industry experience brought them together to establish a firm based upon the values of client communication and service. The firm places its highest priority on preserving client principal and increasing its value within the confines of prudent investment decisions.

The clearing relationship between Lexington Investment Company, Inc. and National Financial Services, LLC brings a broad offering of products, services and technologies to the firm and its clients. Traditional personalized brokerage services, as well as on-line account status, electronic messaging, research and tax information, are representative of the values presented to the firm’s clients.

Please visit www.nationalfinancial.fidelity.com to find information regarding our clearing agent's guide to your brokerage account, their corporate brochure, Business Continuity Plan, and statement of financial condition.

Lexington Investment Company, Inc. welcomes individual, corporate and institutional investors from the public and private sectors.

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